diary of a facebook addict (facebookaholic). part four

"1. when wakes up,whenever has a free period, gets home from school, after dinner, inbetween homework, before going ot bed, checks their facebook 2. when 300 friends seems too few 3. when 50% of your friends you havent seen in a year, and another 25% you've never met ever 4. when you are a member of over 30 groups and constantly check to see if anyone has made a new one 5. when you look at the clock and see that you have spent 4 hours looking at peoples facebook profiles 6. when you check the clock again, and youve spent another 2 hours after that "just finishing up" 7. when you talk to someone who doesnt like facebook, you are shocked, appalled and imidiatly begin to try to convert them 8. when you see someone you havent seen in a long time, but deside just to check their facebook to find out anything going on with them 9. when you finish your homework at 10, but dont go to bed till 2 10. when you are a member of a club called "facebook addicts," "facebookaholics," "facebookers anonymous," or some variation"

googling "facebookaholic": sombody else thinks like me too.

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